Research and development

The MIPS R&D efforts comprise one of the cornerstones of our commercial success and our opinion is that we possess market-leading expertise regarding developments and processes in our product area. Our goal is to create a climate within the organisation that fosters knowledge development and creativity to inspire co-workers to develop new solutions and/or ideas with the assistance of an established and structured development method.

Among our current and planned R&D projects are project innovations regarding products, such as developing better materials and components, and also processes, such as developing more efficient test and production processes. There are ten people in total in the MIPS R&D organisation: A Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Head of Innovation, Product Development Manager and a Senior Project Manager (Project Coordinator), along with six engineers who are skilled in development and technology.

R&D efforts are split into four separate development categories:

1. Innovation – founded on science and research with a focus on new advances in the field and concepts for impact risk management and thereby enable access to new categories.

2. Product development – shortterm perspective of 12 months into the future, with the aim of improving current solutions and previously established concepts.

3. Development of new models – this category is based on the customers’ development work, where
MIPS provides the customer with support regarding design and technology for new models.

4. Integration of MIPS BPS in existing helmet models – since 2010, this category has been focused on assisting helmet brands with integration of MIPS BPS in existing helmet models.

MIPS research and development work is founded on science and proven experimental methods with a clear focus on injury criteria combined with an active strategy for intellectual property rights.


Intellectual property rights play a key role in the MIPS strategy since they help MIPS to maintain its competitive advantage, protect R&D investments and promote credibility in relation to the company’s customers. The intellectual property rights strategy focuses on the development of new intellectual property rights and protecting the current intellectual property portfolio. MIPS considers monitoring the protection provided by MIPS’ intellectual property rights to be crucial. Any infringements are addressed based on a well-established Intellectual Property strategy with the assistance of legal experts.


MIPS’ patent portfolio in the field of helmet related innovations contributes to the strong technological position and supports continued expansion.

MIPS is the owner of approved patents for a number of helmet-related innovations in the US and several countries in Europe, and in other markets. Apart from the patents that have been approved, MIPS has several ongoing patent applications.

As of December 31, 2018, MIPS had been granted 139 patents and had 76 ongoing applications in 29 patent families with a focus on MIPS’ primary market. The MIPS strategy is to expand its patent portfolio and protect new innovations.