The MIPS operation is run as an ingredient brand with a solution designed to improve the safety of the helmets by reducing rotational motion. Most helmets can be equipped with MIPS BPS and the technique has been implemented in snow, bike, equestrian, moto and mountaineering helmets.

As an ingredient brand, MIPS does not market products directly to end-users. The aim of the marketing and communication strategy is instead, with limited marketing expenses, to achieve a high level of exposure towards end-users by utilising the wide and global marketing and communication resources of the helmet brands. It is nonetheless crucial that a consistent and controlled marketing message is conveyed to the end-users and media through the customers’ sales channels, which can be ensured if close cooperation exists between the helmet brands. MIPS provides the necessary skills, resources and marketing materials for the customers’ sales teams and distributors, for instance, by participating at sales and distributor meetings.

Helmets that are equipped with MIPS BPS always display the yellow MIPS logo on the outside of the helmets according to the MIPS licensing agreement that stipulates a very visible and consistent branding.